Workshops are collaborative venues for CBV professional development at the local level. Organized by region workshops take place in major locations across Canada. Workshops advance professional topics of local interest and provide the opportunity for CBVs to receive technical guidance close to home. Workshops qualify to earn CPD hours from CBV Institute. Organizers also promote regional networking activities and social events, supporting a sense of community that connects the CBV profession. 

Facilitated by CBV Institute, workshops are spearheaded by dedicated volunteers. Regional organizing committees are mobilized by CBVs to plan and deliver events, which are open to all CBVs and Students in the local area.



Catherine Tremblay CPA, CA, CBV, ASA, CFF

Tatiana Zlotea CPA, CA, CBV

Simon Gaudreault CPA, CA, EEE

Marie-Josee Fournier CPA, CA, CBV, MBA

Alana Geller CPA, CA, CBV, CFF

Atlantic Canada

Corinne Larkin CPA, CA, CBV

Craig Maloney MBA, CPA, CA, CBV

Sean Stager CPA, CA, CBV

Ken Bruce MBA, CBV

Aaron Wright CPA, CA, CBV, CDFS

Boyd Chislett CPA, CA, CBV

Louis Westergard CPA, CA, CBV


Steven Hacker CPA, CA, CBV

Vanessa Hutton CPA, CA, CBV

Richard Davies CPA, CA, CBV, CFE, CFF

Katie Gosnell CPA, CA, CFA, CBV


Brian Gibson CPA, CA, CBV



Susie Foley CPA, CA, CBV

Lucas Terpkosh CPA, CA, CBV

William Tam CPA, CA, CBV

Travis MacDonald CPA, CA, CBV, CFA


To join a regional workshop or to organize a workshop near you, please contact:
Deborah Hanlon
Manager, Events
(416) 613-9552

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