CBV Expertise

Value Measurement

CBVs work to uncover what you don’t know. Valuation analysis provides a different perspective than accounting, audit, and tax. CBVs use financial information and dig deeper. A CBV is uniquely trained to uncover risks, find hidden value and enable wise, valuation-based business decisions. You will understand how each key business element impacts the value of your business.

Value Creation

CBVs work with management to create shareholder value, the primary objective of any enterprise. CBVs have unique insight to define value drivers that will bring the most profitable opportunities for growth to your business. They will unlock intangible assets not on the balance sheet of the business – assets that will drive value, such as customer relationships, community relations, management capabilities, and alliances. You will have a high level of confidence in the CBV valuation analysis.

Value Protection

CBVs understand business risk. They also understand the actions required to safeguard business value. This not only protects the value already created, but allows for a long-term perspective on future goals to mitigate risk and maintain value. CBVs know what business leadership is all about. They understand the ebbs and flows of the market. A CBV can protect your business with a constructive plan driven from valuation insight.

A CBV is a trusted valuation advisor for your important business decisions.

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