June 15, 2020

Increasingly, IT and business leaders talk about information as one of a business’s most important assets. But few organizations behave as if it is. Executives report on their workforce, their financials, their customers, and their partnerships, but rarely on their information assets. Moreover, corporations typically exhibit greater discipline in accounting for their office furniture than their mission-critical data. Unfortunately, even as we are more than half a century into the Information Age, accountants and valuation experts have done little to fill this gaping hole.

In this webinar for CBVs and Students, Mr. Laney will share insights from his widely acclaimed book, Infonomics, about why information both is and isn’t an asset, the impact this has on the way information is leveraged, and accordingly how corporations are and aren’t valuated. He will also share the data valuation models and data monetization methods he has developed and deployed at clients around the world. And he will also explore how classic microeconomic concepts can (and should) be applied to information for its improved economic benefits. Finally, Mr. Laney will discuss his approach to extending corporate transaction due diligence efforts with a “data diligence” process to arrive at more appropriate corporate valuations pertinent to today’s information-based economy.

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