April 28, 2023

CBV Institute would like to welcome the newest cohort of CBVs to join our community of esteemed valuation professionals. These individuals have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in the field of business valuation, and we are pleased to welcome them into membership.

The following CBVs were admitted in Q1 2023:

Chris Allen Justin Grant Tomy Richard
Cameron Atkinson Tyler Hargrave Victor Sabharwal
Matthew Beck Luke Janisse Anastasia Savvidis
Simon Benoit Aaron Joyal Shriya Shah
Katie Bishop Sampada Kaushal Simi Sodhi
Curtis Boesche Sanjay Kulkarni Ryan Taggart
Felix-Antoine Bouchard Kevin Laranjeiro Jason Thalla-Joel
Liam Callahan Stefan Lau Vimalesan Thasan
Didier Carré Sébastien Lévesque Blake Thiessen
Michael Chamoun Chuyin Liu Jacqueline Tiffin
Philippe Charette Timothy Lynn Hugo Tousignant
Hugo Chartre-Picher Robert MacRae Mathieu Vaillancourt
Asim Chawdhry Harshal Maitrani Dhanur Vij
Gabrielle Côté Jared McCormick Garrett Vincent
Jasmin Côté Kailin Morrison Angus Walker
Andréanne Cournoyer Manpreet Multani Zi Qian Wu
Amélie Couture Shaan-E-Abbas Nathu Fan Xu
Hugo Cresp-Lacroix Michelle Palaj Xu Zhao
Jace Culp Jana Petersone Finley Ye Zhu
Veronica Fedorovich Evan Pollard
Zhuang Fei Vincent Racine

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