November 13, 2023

This national case competition saw 21 teams from Canada’s top business schools compete against each other in a test of their business valuation skills

CBV Institute is pleased to announce the top three teams for Business Valuation Challenge 2023 (“BV Challenge 2023”). Based on rigorous judging by a panel of distinguished Chartered Business Valuators (“CBVs”), the following teams have been awarded the highest marks for their business valuation skills:

1. British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Paul De Blois
Maya Khera
Jin Wook Ryu
Sangbeom Woo
2. Concordia University Andreana Moulinos
Paulina Moulinos
3. Toronto Metropolitan University Billy Arseneault
Dennis Chen
George Chibukhchyan
Vansh Saini

About BV Challenge 2023

Twenty-one teams comprised of two to four undergraduate students from across the country were given the opportunity to compete with students from other business schools in a test of their business valuation skills. A total of 69 students participated.

The winning team from BCIT will be awarded $10,000. Members of the second and third place teams will receive $5,000 and $2,500, respectively.

In addition to the monetary award, members of the first-place team from BCIT will receive complimentary enrolment to Level 1 in the CBV Program of Studies.

The business valuation case study was developed by a team of highly respected CBVs and refined for an undergraduate student audience. All participants had the opportunity to attend a training session to learn the basics of business valuation that was then applied to the case study.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the members of the first-place team from British Columbia Institute of Technology, along with those who placed second and third,” said Dr. Christine Sawchuk, President and CEO, CBV Institute. “With demand for CBVs at an all-time high, the BV Challenge is an excellent opportunity to introduce undergraduate business students to our rapidly expanding and evolving profession.

“We look forward to further growing this case competition in the coming years with the goal of exposing even more students to the dynamic and rewarding world of business valuation.”


About CBV Institute

CBVs are indispensable in the world of business and finance

When parties need to determine the value of their business they turn to a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) for answers. CBVs combine technical knowledge with real-life practical experience to put forward globally respected valuations of a business, a business interest, and/or intangible assets.

Holders of the prestigious CBV designation have the skills and expertise to meet the challenging dynamics of business valuation, litigation support, corporate finance, and private investments.

CBVs are employed in a wide variety of businesses, including valuation firms, venture capital/private equity/investment firms, accounting firms, and financial institutions.

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