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Business valuation is a fulcrum consideration in business transition. Business valuators who understand and can effectively participate in business transition – be it an arm’s length sale or generational business transition – are positioned to play one of the most important of the discipline-specific expert roles required in either of those processes. Ian R. Campbell, FCBV will discuss:

  • business valuation as a business and business transition report card
  • business valuation in our current new economic and financial markets normal, and how those things bear on business transition planning
  • the role of business valuation experts in long-term business viability assessments, and the importance of those assessments in business transition
  • the importance of communicating to clients the difference between stand-alone value and open market price in the context of business transition
  • the role business valuation experts can play in strategic business planning and hence business transition
  • the value-add an experienced business valuator can bring to the business transition table

This webinar will be of interest to business valuation experts (and many of their clients) who:

  • are already involved in rendering business valuation opinions and advice in the context of business transition
  • are not currently involved in business transition matters, but want to join what over the next twenty years may become the biggest “business party in town” .

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