December 12, 2023

CBV Institute is pleased to announce the 2023 recipient of the George Ovens Award, in recognition of outstanding achievement on the 2023 Membership Qualification Examination (MQE).

The MQE is a challenging CBV Institute exam, written after completion of the CBV Program of Studies to test competency in mandatory courses of our rigorous Program. Successful completion of the MQE is one of the critical qualification requirements to apply for CBV membership.

George ovens award

In honour of George Ovens, a founder of CBV Institute, this award is presented to the MQE candidates who achieve the highest mark in a particular year. Special recognition goes to second and third-highest marks.

Kristian Paul Fafard, CPA, CFA
Manager – Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

I am honoured to be the recipient of the 2023 George Ovens award. Completing the CBV program has been a challenging but very rewarding journey. The knowledge gained from the program since day one has proven exceptionally valuable, and I am looking forward to continue applying it in a professional setting. Congratulations to this year’s successful MQE writers and good luck to all future CBV candidates and those pursuing other academic challenges. Our paths will hopefully cross as we move forward with our professional careers.

A heartfelt thank you to my family, friends and colleagues who encouraged and supported me over the years while I was studying on evenings and weekends. Those days are hopefully over!

Second-highest mark

Jinwei Tang, CPA, CFA
Manager – Valuations, Advisory Services

Congratulations to all the successful 2023 MQE writers! It is an honor to be recognized among the top MQE writers this year. I would like to thank my family, friends, and team at KPMG for their support and encouragement throughout my studies, with special thanks to Susie Foley and Sean Duke for their invaluable mentorship. The CBV Program was challenging, but it has been an enriching journey that has honed my technical skills and propelled me forward in my professional growth. Lastly, I would like to share an excerpt from a poem by Li Bai to encourage all prospective CBV candidates and to wish them the best of luck on their endeavors:

“Hard is the way, hard is the way. Don’t go astray! Whither today? A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves. I’ll set my cloudlike sail to cross the sea which raves.”

Third-highest mark

Simon Hicks, CPA, CBV
Senior Consultant, Deal Advisory

Congratulations to all the successful writers of this year’s MQE and to all the new CBVs – this is a big accomplishment in our professional careers!

It’s very humbling to be recognized as one of the top writers of this year’s exam and a truly special culmination to two years of hard work. The technical skillset I’ve gained through achieving this designation has been a tremendous asset to my work at KPMG and is something I will continue to leverage for the rest of my career. I want to thank all my mentors at KPMG Ottawa for their support, specifically Leah Swanstrom for helping me prepare for this year’s exam and Nik Karajovic for introducing me to the world of Valuations. A special thank you goes out to my family and girlfriend for always motivating me to be the best version of myself. I look forward to everything that’s to come in the future!

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