December 14, 2020

CBV Institute is pleased to announce the 2020 recipient of the George Ovens Award, in recognition of outstanding achievement on the 2020 Membership Qualification Examination (MQE).

The MQE is a challenging CBV Institute exam, written after completion of the CBV Program of Studies to test competency in mandatory courses of our rigorous Program. Successful completion of the MQE is one of the critical qualification requirements to apply for CBV membership.

George ovens award


In honour of George Ovens, a founder of CBV Institute, this award is presented to the MQE candidate who achieves the highest mark in a particular year. Special recognition goes to second and third-highest marks. In 2020, multiple individuals tied for second and third place marks.

Marissa Barry CPA
Ernst & Young LLP
Saint John, NB

“I’d like to extend a huge congratulations to the successful writers of the 2020 MQE! It feels great to know that all of our time and effort invested in this challenging program has paid off. Although I had no expectations, it is an honour to be the recipient of the George Ovens Award for the 2020 MQE, and I am proud to become a member of the CBV Institute!

I switched to a career in valuations in early 2018 and have never looked backed. I am fortunate to work with a team of extremely bright and talented individuals across Atlantic and Eastern Canada, who I continue to learn from every day. I’d like to thank my team at EY – with a special thanks to Heather Crosby and Steven Goodfellow – for their valued guidance and mentorship. I’d also like to thank my partner Joe, my family, and my close friends for their unending support throughout my studies.”

Second-highest marks

Alex Stern CPA, CBV
Ernst & Young LLP
Toronto, ON

“I’m honoured to be recognized as one of the top MQE writers this year. And I’m very happy to be accepted as a CBV by the Institute after two years of work, seven exams, and lots of weekends spent studying.

My practical valuations experience at work as well as the CBV coursework have significantly aided in my development. They have given me valuable knowledge and skills not just in business valuation, but in acting as a client serving professional. I’ve become a stronger and more well-rounded professional, and I know I will use these skills I’ve developed over the rest of my career.

Thank you to the valuations team at EY for the guidance, knowledge, and mentorship I’ve received throughout my work experience as well as throughout the CBV Program of Studies. Additionally, I’d like to thank my family and friends for supporting me over the last two years. And congratulations to everyone who passed the MQE and was accepted as a CBV.”

Michael Anthony Ruta
Grant Thornton LLP
Toronto, ON

“I am beyond grateful to be recognized among the top writers of the MQE this year. This result is an amazing way to begin my journey as a Chartered Business Valuator. I first considered the CBV designation when I joined the transactions group at Grant Thornton. It became clear that the CBV designation was and is extremely valuable, and pursuing this designation was the perfect opportunity to build on my professional skillset. The process to becoming a CBV was a challenging one, however, I know that the tools I have gained from it will help me throughout my career.

There are so many people in my life who I owe this success to. I’d first like to thank my fiancée Emily, my parents, and my brother, for being a tremendous source of support and encouragement throughout this process. I’d like to thank my colleagues at Grant Thornton for sharing their experiences, and affording me the time and resources to be successful. Finally, Kat, thanks for being a great study partner!”

Pier-Olivier Tremblay CPA, CA, EEE
Mallette, S.E.C.N.R.L.
Chicoutimi, QC

“It is a joy and an honour to be recognized among the Top 3 MQE candidates. I would never have believed that eight years after making the CPA honour roll for the CFE, I would once again rank in the top performing in the country for a corporate exam. After having practiced for six years in the Assurance department at Mallette, I began the CBV Institute Program of Studies two years ago in connection with a transition in the consulting department at Mallette. My interest in the field of business valuation hasn’t stopped growing since, and the academic path leading to the CBV designation was certainly difficult, but also so enriching, and contributed to my professional development by developing my skills and knowledge. I am very proud and delighted to join the CBV Institute today.

I would especially like to thank my parents, Martine and Réjean, as well as my brother David for their undeniable support throughout the process leading to the MQE. This accomplishment would not have been possible without their support. As well, I must underline the unwavering support of the team of Mallette who made every effort to ensure my success. It’s an incredible opportunity to have this level of assistance from an employer and to feel so well supported. Finally, I want to specially thank my mentor at Mallette, Vicky, who supported me all throughout the CBV Institute Program of Studies and guided me through the process. I could never have reached this level without you Vicky, and I am enormously grateful. I am eager to pursue my professional development and my career as a new member of the CBV Institute.”

Third-highest marks

Adam Owczar CPA, CBV
Canada Life Assurance Company
Winnipeg, MB

“I am honoured to be recognized among the top successful MQE candidates this year. The knowledge and experience I have gained through the pursuit of the CBV designation has been instrumental in my professional development, and it is a privilege to join the CBV Institute.
I would like to thank my colleagues at Deloitte and at Canada Life for their guidance as I completed the CBV program, as well as my family and friends who consistently offered support and encouragement along the way. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from some incredibly talented professionals, and I attribute much of this accomplishment to the individuals who have always been so invested in my success.”

Stephanie Labrecque CPA
Montreal, QC

“It is with great honor to be recognized among the top markers this year.

I was first introduced to the CBV designation two years ago by my colleagues after changing my career path from audit to advisory at Deloitte. I was completing the CFA program at the time and thought I was finished studying, but I finally took an immediate interest in business valuation and in the CBV designation after hearing more about it. The past two years involved many evenings and weekends studying, but it definitely paid off. The CBV designation gave me the knowledge to confidently put my skills into practice and pursue a career in business valuation.

I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped me along the way, including my colleagues at Deloitte for their guidance and mentorship, my family & friends and my study partners who supported me and encouraged me throughout the process.”

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