May 12, 2020

Online examination, securely administered with remote proctoring, will ensure a consistent and reliable exam experience is available to everyone, regardless of location.

The decision to move the MQE online follows our consultation with other institutions, universities, and colleges on the academic challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis. Impacts from the pandemic are sweeping across all walks of life. At this time, we cannot confirm when it would be feasible to conduct in-person exams, or if it at all possible this year. Indications are that once social distancing and shelter-at-home restrictions are lifted, public health protocols will vary by area and fluctuate for some time to come. This will affect the availability of physical exam locations, seating capacity, and essential support functions for proctoring.  

We recognize all MQE candidates have worked diligently towards CBV membership. In our commitment to academic excellence for all our Students, we are taking steps now to adapt to the new climate, rather than elect to cancel or defer the MQE.

This announcement will give every MQE candidate adequate time to plan and prepare to write in September. If for any reason a candidate already registered for the MQE does not wish to write online, a full refund will be provided without the usual administrative fee.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

About Online Proctoring and Examity:

CBV Institute’s commitment to exam security is uncompromising. MQE 2020 will be administered though remote proctoring facilitated by the Examity online proctoring service. Examity is a proven platform at CBV Institute, which we have used successfully for our course exams since 2018. Examity is used by more than 500 universities and colleges across North America, as well as many certification and licensure organizations. Examity meets our strict requirements to ensure the integrity of the MQE is maintained. Candidates will be able to write the MQE at a location of their choosing while being fully supervised, by camera and by monitored key strokes. Strict identification and writing environment verification is also enforced.

More information on Examity.

For any questions, please contact Christine Sawchuk, Director of Education and Accreditation at

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