December 21, 2022

CBV Institute is pleased to release the second in a multi-video series on the integral role CBVs play in litigation support. Hosted by Mathieu Lapointe, CBV, M.Sc., Senior Manager at PwC, each video will cover a different topic and expose audiences to the important role that CBVs play in litigation support.

In the second video, Mathieu interviews Catherine Richard, CPA, CBV, Managing Director, PwC Deals – Valuations and Disputes, and Iain Fraser, CPA, CA, CBV, Director, PwC Deals – Valuations and Disputes on the topic of the CBV’s role in matrimonial proceedings.

The speakers discuss the benefits of engaging CBVs in matrimonial proceedings, how a CBV complements the role of a lawyer in these types of engagements, how CBVs quantify notional income, and much more.
Check out the video at the link below and stay tuned for the rest of the series.

CBVs are recognized by the courts as experts in the complex and intricate world of business valuation. They have been providing business valuation and litigation support services for more than 50 years, which makes them trusted partners that businesses of any size can rely on. CBVs can provide expert evidence related to legal, tax and financial disputes on a wide range of issues.

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