March 12, 2020
Mary Jane Andrews, FCPA, FCA, FCBV, CFF
President & CEO, CBV Institute


It is with warm wishes that we announce Mary Jane Andrews, President & CEO of CBV Institute, will be retiring from her position at the end of this year. Mary Jane’s decision kicks off a leadership search and transition process over the coming months. Mary Jane’s tenure with CBV Institute caps a remarkable 40-year career in professional services, grounded in a 35-year career with KPMG, including 32 years practicing in the CBV profession.  

 “At the end of 2020, and after five years as President & CEO, I will be moving on to embrace a new challenge: my retirement”, says Mary Jane. “My leadership transition affords an exciting time of opportunity for CBV Institute. With our strong leadership team and our strategic plans in place, I am confident a new President & CEO will be able to amplify future opportunities for CBVs.”

The search for the next President & CEO is fully underway. “Mary Jane announced her decision to retire in January, giving us plenty of time to prepare the Institute for her departure”, according to Bill Armitage, Chair of the Institute’s Board of Directors. The Board started immediately defining a process to find Mary Jane’s successor, appointing a Selection Committee and engaging an executive consulting firm to assist with the search for a new President & CEO. On the news of changing leadership, Bill acknowledges “We are absolutely indebted to Mary Jane’s leadership, vision and fierce commitment to propel our profession forward. Her work and her passion has benefitted all CBVs and helps pave the way for an exciting future ahead.”

Mary Jane received her CBV in 1988, was awarded FCBV honours in 2010 and has been involved with CBV Institute throughout her career. Beyond her management role at the Institute, Mary Jane previously served on the Board of Directors from 2001 – 2007 and as its Chair in 2006. She has been a respected voice for the Institute in Canada and on the world stage, deepening relationships with domestic partners and the international valuation community, keeping CBV Institute in step and at the table with the growing global valuation profession.

“I am exceptionally proud of what we have achieved together. There is never a perfect time for this type of transition but now feels like a good time. The Institute is well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges going forward. This is such a well-respected organization governing the trusted CBV profession and it will only continue to prosper. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of guiding the work we do.”

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