August 9, 2017

After careful analysis, discussions, and negotiations, the Institute is pleased to announce that starting in January 2018, the Program of Studies will move from a 2-semester academic calendar to a 3-term academic calendar (January – April, May – August, and September – December).

The Institute is fortunate to receive regular comments and suggestions from Students regarding the CICBV Program of Studies, particularly regarding the duration and timing of the Program.

To our Students – we have heard you.

With this change, the next term in the Program will begin on January 1, 2018 instead of mid to late NovemberThis will not cause any delay in Students’ progression through the Program as the next set of course exams will remain in mid to late March.

A move to a 3-term system will greatly improve Students’ experience in the Program.  Students will benefit from:

  • Moving through the Program faster;
  • A more continuous learning environment;
  • Being able to take a term off without significantly delaying the completion of the Program; and
  • The opportunity to complete courses in 2 terms in the year in which the MQE is written, instead of just 1.

The move to a 3-term system is a demonstration of the Institute’s commitment to professional excellence in business valuation education, a key component of the CICBV’s Mission and Vision.

Further details will be forthcoming in the fall.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Sawchuk, Director of Education at

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