June 6, 2024

We are pleased to share that two CBVs have been prominently featured in recent editions of leading business magazines, Business in Calgary and Business in Edmonton. These articles underscore the critical role that CBVs play in the business world, highlighting their expertise in determining the true value of businesses in a complex economic landscape.

In the current issues, John Hardy has written two insightful articles, “Deal or No Deal? It all depends on the valuation” and “The Ultimate Bottom Line.” Both articles explore the intricacies of business valuations, showcasing the profound impact that accurate and professional valuations have on business decisions.

Business in Calgary: Deal or No Deal? It all depends on the Valuation

This article emphasizes the importance of meticulous and detailed valuations. It highlights how CBVs provide a comprehensive view of a business’s worth by considering both tangible and intangible assets. Mike Devonshire, CFO, Petwin Bancorp and Director, CBV Institute Board of Directors, provides expert commentary on the rigorous process of business valuation and its significance in today’s market.

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Business in Edmonton: The Ultimate Bottom Line

Focusing on understanding a business’s actual worth and potential, this article features Amanda Vella, Managing Director, Business Consulting, ATB Wealth, and Director, CBV Institute Board of Directors, who explains the critical factors involved in conducting thorough valuations. The piece underscores the complexity of the valuation process and the need for CBVs to have a deep understanding of market conditions and future cash flows.

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