When is the right time to sell: How do we give the Business Owner comfort on their cash flow in the post transaction period?

What happens when you sell your business and lose your steady pay cheque? How do you convert your recently acquired investable assets into a steady stream of income that will be sustainable and last your lifetime?

Join Joshua Lane, EVP, Wealth Strategies at Kaspardlov and Associates (Manulife Securities Inc.) as he discusses the biggest concerns clients have when they sell their business and transition to the retirement phase.  Clients need a plan to show them:

  • the income they can expect from the proceeds they will receive post sale
  • how to shift their focus from asset accumulation to wealth preservation and deaccumulation phase
  • how their professional advisors (CBV, CPA, CFP), can be their new Board of Directors for their personal wealth management business

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Location Archived Webinar
First Presented October 18, 2018 EST
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