Valuation Metrics for Dental Practises: Why traditional methodologies are relied upon as opposed to multiples of EBITDA

Valuing a personal service, hands-on, owner-operated professional practice requires a valuation of the Doctor (labour) supply. The cost of labour in the professional practice marketplace has a significant range and relying upon a simple rule of thumb as to the value of a doctors service will produce an incorrect valuation of the practice. Being unfamiliar with labour supply ratios and prevailing compensation packages can purposely or accidentally produce a value that is substantially higher or lower than the actual, arm’s-length and open marketplace.

Timothy A. Brown has risen to national prominence as President & CEO of ROI Corporation, Canada’s #1 dental practice appraiser and broker. His insights, research and experience in the dental field has made him a highly sought after professional speaker and a respected author.

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First Presented June 10, 2019 EST
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