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International trade uncertainty is daily news today. What a client may not know about the import or export aspects of their business – even if they do not pay duties at the border – may carry significant financial, operational, and reputational risks and unforeseen impacts. As valuation professionals, KPMG Trade & Customs partners from the US, Mexico and Canada will discuss how you identify the telltale signs of companies who have an appropriate level of governance over their international trade operations to mitigate unforeseen trade challenges versus companies who may have higher risk profile that is going unrecognized.


Russell W. Crawford – Russell has 39 years of experience at KPMG focused on cross border Trade, M&A, and US international tax matters. He is currently under contract with KPMG, leading the Cross Border & US Corporate Tax Services Practice in Canada as well as the CUSMA Service Practice in Canada.


Joy Nott – Joy is a Partner with KPMG in Canada’s Indirect Tax Practice with a focus on Trade & Customs. She brings over 30 years of experience to the practice with deep expertise in imports and exports, international trade and trade compliance. Joy started her career in Montreal and worked for over 10 years for well-known customs brokers/freight forwarders, giving her hands-on operational experience.

Luis Abad – Lou is a Principal in KPMG’s Washington National Tax, Trade and Customs Services group, operating out of the New York office. He has over 22 years of experience in international trade and customs planning; assisting clients address their customs duty and indirect tax liabilities, and international trade requirements. He is often engaged to address the international trade implications of global tax planning strategies.

César Buenrostro – César is a Tax Partner & Leader of Trade & Customs with KPMG in Mexico. He has over 20 years of experience across various industries advising clients on global management and trade risk management services with special attention to compliance with import and export procedures, international contracts, preventive fines and penalties, tariff classification, due diligences, M&A´s and procedures for foreign trade operations, with emphasis in the NAFTA region.

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