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For those who quantify losses, one of the most challenging, yet sometimes least considered component of the analysis is establishing the appropriate discount rate to use in quantifying future losses. This presentation will address the theory behind discount rates, including alternative rates to consider, the possible use of more than one discount rate, and when and how a discount rate for a loss quantification differs from that used in a business valuation context. Practical matters such as the range of discount rates actually used in practice, the challenges that Counsel face in cases involving discount rates, and the perspective of the Courts on discount rates, will also be discussed.

Paula Frederick, Principal – Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co. Inc., Toronto
Farley Cohen, Principal – Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co. Inc., Toronto
Milton Davis, Partner – Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, Toronto

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Location Archived Webinar
First Presented October 17, 2019 EDT
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