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This webinar will address a number of topics related to accessing commercial credit for business owners and advisors. Prior to the economic downturn brought on by the health pandemic, borrowers looking to access commercial credit had the market on their side. Unfortunately, the market has largely gone from a borrower’s market to a lenders market with the ability to access conventional (re: bank) credit significantly reduced, particularly in challenged sectors.

While accessing traditional commercial credit has faced headwinds, it has provided a tailwind to the private credit market space looking to fill the void. DWA will provide hard data regarding the Canadian bank lending outlook, the growth in the private credit markets, and details around the plethora of types of alternative credit available.

In addition to a macro economic education on the credit markets, DWA will walk through specific examples of the process of obtaining debt capital, what information lenders require, which financial metrics are key to obtaining credit, and the typical timeline of the process. The goal of the discussion is to arm participants with a better understanding of the Canadian commercial credit market and high-level knowledge on how best to access this important form of business capital.

Presenters: Grant Daunheimer & Aaron Swanson – Diamond Willow Advisory Ltd – Calgary, AB

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Location Webinar
Date May 4, 2021
Time 12:00 PM ET - 1:00 PM ET
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Cost $75.00
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Total $75.00
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