The Blockchain Ecosystem for CBVs – Basics, Awareness, Risks, and What’s to Come

Blockchains and cryptographically backed digital assets can pop up in any engagement, whether we're ready or not.  Join Joshua McDougall as he walks you through some basics about the technology; how to recognize when these digital assets (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) are present in a business; how proper collection and review processes can reduce the risks that these new technologies expose us to; and how to ensure all relevant information is uncovered and understood.

Joshua McDougall is an Associate Managing Director with Kroll’s Cyber Risk and Investigations practice based in Denver, CO. He specializes in blockchain technology, investigations involving complex data systems, and the eDiscovery lifecycle.  Joshua also serves on the Board of Directors of the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), a non-profit educator and standards body, and is a co-author of their CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS), the industry standard for securing digital blockchain assets. 

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First Presented November 28, 2019 EST
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