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Staged exits – Capitalizing on the dramatic increase in private equity in the Canadian middle market

still want to participate in the continued growth of their business are increasingly able to structure deals that accomplish their specific goals.

 Join Oliver Khan, Principal at NewPoint Capital Partners, as he examines various factors that influence deal structures in private equity including:

  • Maximizing proceeds today vs. future upside
  • Minority, majority and more exotic investment structures
  • The importance of flexibility in the negotiating process and picking the right battles
  • Speed and certainty to close
  • Relationship with new partner post-transaction
    • Reporting requirements
    • Board representation
    • Value added advice
    • Alignment of goals
    • Timing of final exit

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Location Archived Webinar
First Presented May 10, 2018 EST
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Cost $30.00
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Total $30.00
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