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Information is everywhere, but do you find the right information when you need it? Whether you’re looking for guideline companies, current or historical forecasts for a specific industry, point-in-time economic indicators, or any other information, the accuracy and credibility of your report or expert testimony depends on the quality of the information on which it’s based.

Join Marjan Farahbaksh of FSO Research & Information to learn some tips and techniques to cut through information overload and find better-quality information faster. This webinar will help you:

  • Formulate effective research strategies
  • Use advanced techniques for making the most of Google
  • Know when and how to use alternatives to Google
  • Find credible data and information using the “hidden web”
  • Identify top free, low-cost, or pay-per-use databases

The information, analysis and opinions expressed in the webinars, podcasts and/or congress presentations are solely those of the presenter/author, are not reviewed by the Institute as to content or accuracy, and are not endorsed by CBV Institute or any of its Members.

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First Presented December 6, 2016 EDT
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