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Business valuators and real estate appraisers often use capitalization rates and discount rates to arrive at value conclusions; business valuators, to prepare valuation reports in respect of business interests; real estate appraisers, to prepare appraisal reports in respect of real estate assets.   Seemingly, business valuation and real estate capitalization and discount rates should be similar, if not identical.  However, the reality is that they are not, and there exists a considerable degree of confusion and misunderstanding between business valuators and real estate appraisers (and their clients) which respect to the differences between each.  

Now, for the first time ever, this webinar offers a clear and concise summary of the similarities and differences in the derivation, components, assumptions and uses of business valuation and real estate capitalization and discount rates.  We will examine, among other things, the methodologies by which each set of capitalization and discount rates are calculated, the cash flows used in each and related adjustments to the same, fundamental assumptions in each, and when each is appropriate and inappropriate to use.   

This webinar is essential if you are a business valuator who has ever reviewed a real estate appraisal report or worked with an appraiser, or vice versa, if you are an appraiser.  You will hear practical insights from two experienced CBVs and a real estate appraiser.  Join us early, stay late, ask lots of questions and expand your horizons.

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First Presented February 1, 2017 EST
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