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We are pleased to have Gregory Dionne, CPA, CA, Director, Inspections and Alex Cheong, CPA, CA, CBV, CPA (Illinois), Associate Director, Inspections of the Canadian Public Accountability Board join us for a panel discussion. CPAB is Canada’s audit regulator responsible for overseeing public accounting firms that audit Canadian reporting issuers.  During this session, moderated by Dennis Leung, CPA, CA, CBV, Grant Thornton, the following valuation focused topics will be discussed:

  • The CPAB inspection process.
  • The role of the valuation specialist in financial statement audits.
  • Common inspection issues and findings.  This discussion will encompass the fair value of investments, identifiable intangible assets, goodwill and financial instruments.

The intention is to reserve time for clarification questions from the audience during the webinar; however, this time may be limited.  If you do have any specific questions for Gregory or Alex, we request that you submit them to prior to January 8, 2021.  We will make our best efforts to provide response to those queries during the webinar. 

The information, analysis and opinions expressed in the webinars, podcasts and/or congress presentations are solely those of the presenter/author, are not reviewed by the Institute as to content or accuracy, and are not endorsed by CBV Institute or any of its Members.

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