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The taxation planning of a family business transition is a key element but the financial side of the transaction is even more important. Finances Canada will make adjustments to grant tax relief for business transfers between family members. A transaction at the Fair Market Value and a Price-Adjustment Clause is generally used in order to avoid adverse tax consequences. However, the business owner must look at the impact on their own financial planning with respect to the funding of their retirement. The global vision of the transfer must also take into consideration many aspects such as Estate Planning, Risk Management, Tax Optimization and Asset Management. Join the National Bank of Canada panel as they also address the financing aspects of a business transfer transaction and present ways to structure such a transaction.

Melinda Olliver, Senior Advisor, National Bank of Canada
Daniel Laverdiere, Senior Manager – Wealth Management 1859, National Bank of Canada
Eric Girard, MBA, P.Ag, Senior Manager, National Bank of Canada
Julie Morand, M.Sc. CPA, Assistant Vice-President – Business Transfer, National Bank of Canada

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First Presented January 4, 2018 EDT
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