Key Elements of US Tax Reform for Canadians

Nearly every Canadian with business, real estate or financial assets has some wealth invested directly or indirectly in USA assets.  The USA tax reforms enacted in December 2017 were the most significant reforms in decades, and those tax reforms have had a large impact and will continue to have a large impact for years to come on the values of those USA assets.

Join Daniel Rogozynski, CPA-CA, CPA (Illinois), MAcc, Lecturer in Taxation, University of Waterloo, as he presents, in a non-technical manner, the most significant elements of the USA tax reforms and compare those elements to the previous USA regime as well as to similar Canadian elements.   Webinar participants will be presented with the top 12 elements of USA tax reform in a way that they will have sufficient knowledge of the changes in the USA to make preliminary assessments of valuation impacts of these reforms on their clients’ USA assets.

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First Presented October 18, 2018 EDT
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