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Designed and created by CBVs for CBVs, this course provides a look at the key requirements for IVS compliance, and a concise comparison of IVS with CBV Institute Practice Standards. The course covers information that is important for CBVs and Students to know and understand as the Institute continues to consider the adoption of IVS.

The online course is based on the current version of IVS (effective January 31, 2022), and includes the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), its role, its governance and standard-setting process.
  • Understanding the key requirements for an IVS compliant valuation.
  • Implementing the steps necessary to achieve IVS compliance from the start of an engagement.
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of asset specific requirements contained within IVS 200, IVS 210, IVS 220 and IVS 230.
  • Providing IVS compliant valuation reports.
  • Understanding the key differences between IVS and CBV Institute Practice Standards.

Registrants will have three weeks from the date of registration to complete this course. This e-learning course offers 3 hours of verifiable CPD, subject to passing a test at the end. Successful course completion qualifies a CBV to obtain the notation “IVS trained” on our website (“Find a CBV”), and on the IVS Providers database at IVSC.org.

The cost of this course $100, but is offered free to CBVs and Students.

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