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In 2011 the SEC stated that the broadening application of fair value resulting from adoption of IFRS and the 2008 financial crisis had cast the spotlight on valuation professionals.   Internationally, there are a number of valuation credentials available, including multiple designations in the US, each with its own set of criteria for attainment and practice standards. The risks created by the differences in valuation credentials and standards that exist today range from the seemingly innocuous concerns of market confusion, to the more overt concerns of objectivity of the valuator and analytical inconsistency.

The International Valuations Standards Council responded to this challenge by committing to improve and publish International Valuation Standards. What will this mean for Canadian business valuers? The presentation will provide an overview of:

  • The “alphabet soup” of global valuation designations and entities;
  • The IVSC and its improvement project;
  • How  International Valuation Standards impact on any organization considering the adoption of IVS; and,
  • Strategies for business valuers who want to stay relevant to their clients.
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First Presented March 27, 2013 EDT
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