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Chartered Business Valuators are frequently retained on a variety of matters that require reliance on financial disclosure provided by the parties.  A common example includes family law matters, where CBVs may be retained by their clients to perform analysis, such as calculating income for child and/or spousal support and valuing assets for purposes of facilitating equalization payments.  In many cases, financial information provided is unaudited or has never been scrutinized by an independent third party, and therefore, may be subject to intentional manipulation; this can have a significant, financial impact for the client.   Citing real-life cases, this webinar will help CBVs identify the indicators or ‘red flags’ of fraud and specifically how financial statements, income and assets are often manipulated.  The session will also address how technology is commonly used to perpetrate fraud as well as the role of a fraud specialist on a CBV assignment, where fraud is suspected.

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