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Employment laws govern workplaces of all sizes and shapes. These laws can often be counterintuitive and less than obvious. Despite this, every Ontario employer must make sure that it understands its legal obligations to its employees and that it acts within the confines of the law. If this does not happen, lawsuits, complaints and significant liability may be the result. In this session, we will go over the essential legal obligations that small business owners have towards their employees and will discuss how the employer can protect itself, through the use of proper contracts of employment and sensible workplace policies. The topics covered will be as follows: 1.            Employment Standards Act Basics: overtime, hours of work, vacations, leaves of absence; 2.            Contracts of Employment: what must and must not be in a contract and how a proper contract can solve most workplace issues; 3.            Engaging independent contractors: How to do it legally? 4             Termination of employment: the employer’s rights and obligations (cause, severance and wrongful dismissal)

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