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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, industry risks have changed very materially. With a backdrop of high inflation, interest rate hikes and recent market events, investors and private companies are faced with higher cost of capital, which has a direct impact on their investment decisions. To determine the most cost-effective means of raising capital and evaluate capital allocation options, companies need to understand how betas from industry peers have evolved in the current environment. Finance, valuation and litigation professionals, auditors, tax authorities, and other stakeholders need to understand this data to review or arrive at supportable cost of equity and WACC conclusions for their projects.

Join our subject matter experts from Kroll for a practical session that includes a Canadian case study discussion on Developing and Selecting CAPM Betas. To understand how to assess different beta estimates, our Kroll experts will give a brief walkthrough of the new Company-Level Beta module in the Cost of Capital Navigator.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review which inputs impact a historical CAPM beta calculation
  • Distinguish different methods of estimating CAPM betas
  • Evaluate the statistical quality of a beta calculation
  • Identify circumstances when different unlevering and relevering beta methods are more appropriate
  • Utilize the new Company-level Beta Module in the Cost of Capital Navigator online platform to evaluate and conclude on beta estimates, using a case study focused on Canadian-based companies


  • Anas Aboulamer, Director, Kroll
  • Carla Nunes, Managing Director, Kroll
  • Kevin Madden, Director, Kroll

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