Dental Practice Valuations in 2016 – A Glimpse Into an Industry

Dental Practices Valuations require expertise as unique as the industry itself.  Dentists know very little about financial matters and financial experts (generally) know very little about the practice of dentistry (except that it is something they want to avoid experiencing first hand).  Join Jared Behr, Director of Valuation Services (Horizon Chartered Professional Accountants Ltd.)  for this one hour presentation which will look at key trends in 2016 and specific factors that are taken into account when determining the value of the shares or assets of a privately owned dental practice.  Dental practice purchases are generally a highly leveraged transaction (i.e. financed mostly by new debt) and the valuations are commonly used by the “big banks” when assessing the debt capacity and reasonability of the purchase price (i.e. their willingness to lend and at what rates).

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First Presented May 26, 2016 EDT
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