Level IV – Special Topics in Business Valuation

After moving through Level I, II, and III courses, Students will have developed skills and knowledge in valuation theory and methodology. The purpose of Level IV is to extend Students’ learning to a number of additional specialized topics, each of which signi?cantly and regularly impacts CBVs in real-world practice. Students should complete Levels I, II, and III prior to beginning Level IV.

This course has additional required textbooks in addition to the course notes (which can be found in Moodle). To order the textbooks for this course, please see the Course Materials page.

Level IV covers the following concepts: 

  • Legal terminologies and concepts, which CBVs need to be familiar with when doing litigation-related work
  • Taxation terminologies and concepts, which CBVs need to be familiar with when doing corporate reorganization or tax-planning work
  • The Canadian Court system and litigation process, including the different roles which a CBV may fulfill in the litigation process
  • Best practices for acting as an expert witness
  • Theory and methodology involved in calculating economic losses, damages, and other litigation awards
  • The application of valuation methodology and theory in specific contexts, including family law, personal injury and wrongful death, public company matters, and fairness opinions

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