Members Admitted on February 28, 2019

The Institute congratulates the following individuals, who on admission to Membership, are entitled to use the CBV designation, which is also represented as EEE in French Canada.

Wajahat Ali

Jamie Arsenault

Brian Atkins

Keelyn Bergstrom

Sheng Bi

Reid Bloomer

Yassen Bogoev

Pierre-andre Bourque

Michael Campbell

Bryce Carlin

Simone Champagne

Samuel Chan

Julia Chasson

Omar Chaudry

Alexander Cheong

Aaron Cook

Jeffrey Crofoot

Heino Doessing

Anu Enebat

Timur Ganiev

Xinlu Gao

Steve Gaudreau

Leon Hoffman

Tomasz Iwinski

Danish Jamal

Hae Yeon Jo

Sibin Karippal

Brendan le Nobel

Juan Leal

Wonku Lee

Amber Lick

Carla Lim

Kevin Lubberts

Christian Maheux

Graham Makuk

Que Ngo Dang

David Ogilvie

Jerome Paquette

Julia Pouliot

Imran Punjani

Salil Ratnaparkhe

Jeffrey Rousset

Scott Russell

Alia Saeed

Albert Sam

Yannick St-Pierre

Francis Theroux

Lennox Timm

Jamie Tong

Mandy Tran

Louis Westergard

Kate Wilson

Jeffrey Wong

Annie Xie

Eric Yeomans

Matthew Younger