CBV Institute Member Recognition Awards

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Scholastic Achievement Award

Scholastic Achievement Award in Honour of Ronald W. Scott, CA, CBV

The 2019 Scholastic Achievement Award recipient is Alannah Walker, CPA, CA, CBV Deloitte,  Winnipeg, MB.

This award is sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP, in honour of Ronald W. Scott, CA, CBV. The $500 award is granted annually to recognize the CBV Institute Registered Student who achieved the highest average mark on all required courses in the CBV Institute Program of Studies.





Past Recipients

A note from Ron Scott on the Evolution of Business Valuations

George Ovens Award

George Ovens Award

The 2019 George Ovens Award recipients is Olivia Renshaw (née Roberts), CPA, CBV (KPMG LLP, Halifax)


Presented to the Membership Qualification Examination (MQE) candidate who achieved the highest mark on the MQE. This award, sponsored by PrivewaterhouseCoopers LLP, is named after George Ovens, FCBV — one of the founders of CBV Institute. It is presented in the amount of $750 annually.



2nd highest mark on the MQE

The 2nd highest mark on the 2019 MQE was achieved by Paloma Navarrete-Rolls, CPA (Richter LLP, Montreal).






3rd highest mark of 2019MQE

The 3rd highest mark on the 2019 MQE was achieved by Dennis Ngo, CPA, CBV (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Toronto)






See a listing of those who have attained the top 3 marks on the MQE (formerly MEE), including the first place George Ovens Award winners.

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Communicator Award - Nomination is now OPEN

Communicator Award

The 2019 Communicator Award recipient is Ephraim Stulberg, MBA, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF, Matson Driscoll and Damico, Toronto, ON.

The CBV Institute Communicator Award is granted each year to a deserving CBV who has undertaken communication activities and actions that have had a beneficial impact on the promotion of the business valuation profession to non-CBVs.



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Communicator Award Policy

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FCBV Designation -Nomination is now OPEN


FCBV Designation

Granting the honorary designation Fellow of  CBV Institute (FCBV), the highest honour the Institute can confer to a Member, results from a rigorous nomination and review process.

The 2019 FCBV recipients are:

Paula Frederick, CPA, CA, FCBV, CFF, Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co., Toronto, ON.

Sue Loomer, CPA, CA, FCBV, KPMG, Halifax, NS.


Barbara Morton, CPA, CA, FCBV, CFF, Ernst & Young LLP, Calagary, AB.

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Granting the FCBV Designation

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Life Membership - Nomination is now OPEN

Life Membership

The designation of a Member as a Life Member results from a rigorous nomination and review process.

Any Member of the Institute may nominate a Member who has attained eminence in the field of business valuation and who has retired from active practice as a business valuator.

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Designating Life Members

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Top CBV Under 40 Award - Nomination is now OPEN

Top CBV under 40 Award In Memory of David Cornfield, CA, CBV

The 2019 CBV Institute Top CBV under 40 Award recipient is Michael Devonshire, CPA, CA, CBV, CDFA, BDO, Calgary, AB.

The CBV Institute Top CBV under 40 Award, sponsored by Deloitte & Touche LLP,  is intended to recognize younger CBVs who have demonstrated success in a broad diversity of interests, brought distinction to the profession and given outstanding service. Their successes will be a combination of professional and personal life endeavours.




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The David Cornfield Story

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Top CBV Under 40 Award Policy

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