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17 Mars 2023, Vancouver

Associate / Senior Associate, Private Equity

Caloah Private Equity

Caloah Private Equity (“Caloah” or “CPE”) is in the business of managing proprietary equity capital through a variety of private and public market investment vehicles. This investment strategy serves our team to advance its joint purpose: to shape outcomes through our 3-Strand approach.

STRAND 01: Philanthropy
Partner with organizations to advance a cause that aligns with our values.

STRAND 02: People
Develop leaders embodying our values, advancing personal growth, and carrying forward our values.

STRAND 03: Economic
Influence how business is conducted in ways that reflect our values, through culture & business process.

Our firm was founded in 2015 as a division of The Regency Group and was tasked with diversifying the investment portfolio of its parent company. In 2019, Caloah was spun-off and rebranded as a standalone entity, independently managing its proprietary capital base and investment process. With that rebranding came a change in our purpose and motivation: Impacting Outcomes – serving our philanthropic partners, our investment and portfolio teams, and the stakeholders within our economic ecosystem.

Caloah’s team is responsible for the success and advancement of each portfolio investment. We are long-term custodians that seek to continuously improve and drive transformative growth within each business, centered around positive cultures based around servant leadership. The beneficiaries of that growth follow the paths of our three strands versus traditional private equity that focuses solely on generating returns for its equity partners.

The team at CPE is guided by our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility, Curiosity, and Awareness. It’s integral that team members understand why these values are central to our purpose and abide by them intimately: our team sets the tone of our enterprise (and its subsidiaries) and our interactions must be reflective of those core values.

CPE comprises three cross-functional teams – Investment Management, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Business Intelligence (BI) – in addition to portfolio companies and their associated teams that operate across Canada. The role of these three teams is to support the development and success of our portfolio of investments, to drive culture & strategy and lead decision-making.

While Caloah has historically maintained a practice borne from proprietary capital, our goal is to raise external capital and grow our asset base with the intent of advancing the aforementioned three strands. Despite the introduction of external capital, CPE will always abide by its core values and investment practices: the proprietary nature of our capital creates a distinct advantage that must be protected. As a result, any equity partners we accept must align with our value system.


Caloah is looking to hire an Associate (or Senior Associate), Private Equity within our Investment Management team. The Investment Management team is responsible for M&A origination, portfolio management, business development, capital raising, and strategic asset allocation. The Associate / Senior Associate, Private Equity will work directly with the Managing Partner and Vice President on all investment-related activities including, without limitation, portfolio management, idea generation, deal sourcing, structuring and negotiating acquisitions of new platforms or follow-on investments, due diligence reviews, new financing transactions, and other capital raising initiatives (business development).

Specific duties of the Associate / Senior Associate, Private Equity will include the following:

  • Analytical modeling: provide all analytics required for the principals to make decisions about a deal. Common tasks include preparing preliminary due diligence reports and modeling with variable forecasting assumptions.
  • Portfolio company monitoring: monitor and maintain up-to-date financials, correspond with portfolio company teams to collaborate and drive value, correspond with financial institutions to ensure compliance with credit terms, and generate new ideas to grow each individual business.
  • Reviewing CIMs: screen for potential opportunities that fit within the firm’s framework, assist with deal structuring, and provide a simple summary for the investment management team to review and action, as appropriate.
  • Conduct industry/sector research, perform relevant analysis and build complex, dynamic financial models to evaluate a variety of private equity investment opportunities.
  • Perform various tax planning analyses; assist external auditors with year-end tax filings for internal and portfolio corporate entities.
  • Participate in monthly volunteer work with philanthropic partners and work, as required, to advance their strategic vision.
  • Legal due diligence: Assisting with legal due diligence and review of legal documentation. Provide input on structuring various legal contracts including purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements of key portfolio company staff, and various other contracts as dictated by transaction structure. Associates will be responsible for reviewing and, in some cases, drafting letters of intent.
  • Operational due diligence: Assisting with due diligence reviews, including assessments of a target’s business model, team, and alignment with CPE’s objectives as well as assessing avenues for growth.
  • Portfolio company consulting: work with portfolio company management to execute on various 100-day plans following an acquisition and/or operational improvement initiatives that will add value to the portfolio company as well as sister-companies. Integration work for merger transactions, which will include initial- and end-state analysis and execution of integration plans, as required.
  • Assist with advancing strong corporate governance principles for each portfolio company; attend monthly management and quarterly board meetings, as required.
  • Public company comparable analysis: monitor public markets to look for strategic investment opportunities in liquid public market companies. A list of comparable companies by industry, size or geography should be maintained regularly to monitor company performance and investment timing/potential.
  • Portfolio valuation: maintain models to track investment performance and work with FP&A team to generate quarterly reports to key stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with FP&A and Business Intelligence teams to advance macro and micro investment theses.


Candidates should have an undergraduate degree with a major such as finance, accounting, statistics, mathematics, or economics and work experience in a relevant field. Preference will be for candidates that have previous private equity or investment banking experience.

  • 5+ years of relevant experience in investment banking, private equity, or other relevant fast-paced and analytically driven investment organization.
  • CPA designation is strongly preferred.
  • Strong financial modeling, accounting, analytical and valuation skills are essential.
  • Good judgement. Meticulous attention to detail is critical.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage competing priorities is critical.
  • Empathy and self awareness are essential attributes.
  • Flexibility, adaptability and initiative are key attributes.
  • A high degree of professionalism and alignment with Caloah’s core values.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build a strong network of business relationships.
  • Team player who enjoys a collaborative culture, one where each team member is contributing to advance Caloah’s 3 Strands.
  • Travel is required.


Commensurate with experience; base salary range is $95,000 to $125,000 plus annual bonus.

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