Stand out from the crowd and open doors for your financial career. CBVs have complex, challenging, and rewarding careers – where critical thinking and continuous learning are part of the everyday.

Why Become a CBV?

Gain specialized valuation knowledge with CBV Institute – a leader in the global valuation profession for over half a century – and become an internationally recognized business valuation professional. The financial advisory world is competitive – a CBV designation sets you apart. Here’s why you should become a CBV.

Finance professionals adept in the complexities of business valuation are in high demand.

CBV Institute is internationally recognized as a leader in the global valuation profession and CBVs are accredited professionals who practice all over the world.

A CBV designation opens doors to varied and exciting career paths. Check out What CBVs Do for details.

CBVs command salaries that are significantly higher than peers without the designation. (Compensation varies based on factors such as industry sector, seniority and area of professional practice.)

CBVs are part of an organization that is a leader in the global business valuation profession and is committed to advancing professional excellence in business valuation.

CBVs are curious, critical thinkers who seek a diversity of experiences, want to focus on the future, pursue continuous learning and are always seeking the next challenge.

Why Pursue your CBV? hear from the experts

Where do CBVs work?

CBVs work across the business spectrum:

  • At international multidisciplinary firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, EY or PWC, or national, regional, or local public accounting firms.
  • At pension funds such as CPP Investments and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, and sovereign wealth funds.
  • At international financial advisory firms such as Kroll.
  • At financial institutions, investment banking firms and a multitude of valuation specialty firms too numerous to mention.

how to become a cbv

As dictated by CBV Institute By-laws, the requirements to become a CBV are outlined below.

University Degree

To be admitted as a member, a degree from a post-secondary academic institution or university, which has authority to grant degrees and is recognized by CBV Institute is required. While an educational background in finance or business is helpful, it is not required. Business valuation is a multifaceted profession that calls on a variety of skills and aptitudes, with having an inquisitive mindset and excellent communication skills being high on the list.

Completion of the CBV Program of Studies

CBV Institute’s world-renowned Program of Studies delivers practical and relevant business valuation education, which keeps the Program at the forefront of business valuation practice. Students in the Program must complete four core business valuation courses and two of four elective courses (Private Investments, Litigation Support in Business Valuation, Corporate Finance and Valuation for Financial Reporting). Courses are offered three times per year and are delivered asynchronously in an online format. Course notes are provided in French or English and exams are written in French or English, anywhere in the world using a remote, live online proctoring service.

Membership Qualification Exam (MQE)

The MQE is the final exam Students write before applying for Membership. It is a comprehensive, case-based, four-hour exam and is written once per year in September by those who have completed the CBV Program of Studies. The MQE assesses candidates’ ability to appropriately respond to situations they may encounter in professional practice as CBVs. The MQE can also be written anywhere in the world, in either English or French, using a remote, live online proctoring service.

Business Valuation Experience

To become a CBV, a minimum of 1,500 hours of business valuation or related experience is required. It is not required that experience be completed under the supervision of a designated CBV.

More information here.

CBV Membership Application

Membership application is submitted once all requirements have been satisfied. Only those determined to be of good character and reputation are admitted to membership.

Ready to Become a CBV?

The first step is to create your CBV Institute profile. Once your profile is set up and you have logged in, you will be able to access and register for courses, make payments, and begin your CBV journey.

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