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Litigation & Valuation: Emotion & Objectivity

During the life of a business, it is almost impossible to avoid conflicts and disputes. Stakeholder emotions, personal agendas and disagreements about money can lead to slow resolutions. Advice from a trained financial professional, independent of the dispute can help to arrive at an expert and reasoned solution.

Watch the video to learn more about a Chartered Business Valuator’s role in matters of litigation.




Capital on the Sidelines: A video about getting your share.

The crashing economies of late 2008 caused uncertainty across the globe. As a result, billions of dollars of capital moved to the sidelines. Investors stopped investing. Lenders stopped lending. Moving assets and businesses became difficult.

But with new growth in the U.S. and renewed market enthusiasm, overseas buyers and local investors alike are now looking for new opportunities. Is your organization ready? Learn more by watching this video.




Succession and Valuation: Getting ahead by starting early

Following the dire economic situation of 2008, many business owners felt that they may have missed their opportunity to sell, that the right time may have passed them by.

Now, renewed vigour in the markets has those owners thinking: What makes my business saleable? What would a buyer pay? How can I exit on my terms? And when exactly is the ‘right time’? Watch this video to learn more about succession in the context of valuation.




See the movie: Finding Certainty.

We’re a designated profession unlike any other. Recognized by courts and industry. Who meet the rigorous requirements of our governing body, The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators. And who have the qualifications and experience to methodically determine a valuation through investigation, analysis, projections, standards and judgement.

CBVs are experts who quantify the worth of all, or part, of a business or its securities, with the ability to determine the value of intangible assets, including brand and intellectual property; due diligence and transaction support for financial litigation or corporate finance and transaction-based activities. Importantly, CBVs provide easy-to-understand explanations of their analysis.

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