Valuation issues in expropriation claims can be layered with complexities due to the technical requirements of expropriation legislation. The business impacts from COVID-19 have added yet another layer of complexity in the determination of damages. CBVs are an integral link on the team of professional experts who work closely with expropriation counsel to advise on expropriation claims.

For an inside look on the legal implications, watch our interview The Process of Expropriation, as CBV expropriation expert Louise Poole digs deep with legal counsel, Sahil Shoor. Useful information on expropriation for business or landowners.

Louise Poole, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF
with Sahill Shoor, Expropriation Counsel

Watch full-length interview

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BY: Barbara Morton, CPA, CA, FCBV, CFF
& Terence Crohn, CPA, CA, CBV CFF
FOR: Alberta Expropriation Association Conference (2020)
BY: Prem Lobo, CPA, CA, CBV, CPA (U.S.), CFE, CFF, AM
FOR: IRWA Education Conference, Edmonton (2018)
BY: Paula Frederick, CPA, CA, FCBV, CFF
FOR: Ontario Expropriation Association Spring Conference (2020),

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