CBV Congress is the signature event of CBV Institute showcasing latest thinking and insights to advance valuation expertise and confront new business realities. Congress 2021 was held virtually in June before a record-setting global audience of valuation professionals, business leaders, and professional associations and organizations. Three streams of informative and thought-provoking sessions were presented over the three-day Congress.

This highlight video series presents informative excerpts of feature presentations at Congress 2021 on valuation topics of interest to business – Forecast Validation, Insights for Smaller Businesses, and Causation and Financial Losses. Download white papers, as published in CBV Institute’s Journal of Business Valuation 2021 edition. Watch full-length presentations by registering below.

Predicting the Future: Forecast Validation
Larry Andrade, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF, CFE, MBA
Rachel Ryman, CPA, CA, CBV
Natalia Raimondi, CBV
Smaller not Simpler: Valuation Insights for Smaller Businesses
Tim Zimmerman, CBV, CFE, ABV
Antonina Wasowska, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF
Causation & Financial Losses: Factors to Consider
Prem Lobo, CPA, CA, CBV, CPA (U.S.), CFE, CFF, AM
With Liviu Cananau, Legal Counsel

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