2017 MQE Top 3 Marks

1st Place

Jacob Martin – Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co. (Toronto ON)

The CBV designation had interested me since university but a few years ago, with the helpful advice of my mentors and conversations with the Principals at Cohen Hamilton Steger, I decided to make the leap. The CBV courses and my practical work experience has given me a wider breadth of knowledge than I had initially anticipated when I entered this field. This is truly the profession that you want to be in if you want to learn about a wide array of industries while continuing to hone your technical skills.

The road to achieving this designation involved many nights and weekends balancing work, studying, and a little bit of a social life but I’m glad to say that it’s paid off. I’m truly honoured to join the ranks of the CBV.

I want to thank Kelsey, my family and friends, my study group (Katie, Cord, and Michelle), and everyone at Cohen Hamilton Steger for their support over the course of my studies. It was truly a group effort.

 2nd Place

Katie Gosnell – Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co. (Toronto ON)

Nothing worth doing is easy. After two years of studying, numerous exams and countless Securexam practice exams, I can’t say the CICBV program of studies is easy, but it was most certainly worth it. The program provides its students not only with necessary technical skills, but also with critical thinking and problem solving skills to succeed. The CICBV program of studies has made me a well-rounded and complete professional, and I look forward to using the skills and expertise gained throughout this experience to better serve my clients. I am humbled to join the CICBV and look forward to all the opportunities it offers.

First and foremost, I want to thank the entire team at Cohen Hamilton Steger for their insights and guidance. I want to thank my study group, Michelle, Cord, and Jacob. Finally, I want to thank my family, Oliver, and Webster, for all their support over these last two years.  


3rd Place

Daphné St-Pierre  – Deloitte (Montreal QC)

Looking back I am incredibly proud to have chosen to pursue this designation. It has given me the technical tools to critically analyze situations and provide clients and colleagues useful advice. Although I was definitely not expecting to finish in the top 3 on the MQE, I consider it a great honor for all the work put in over the last 3 years.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Daniel Hinse who first introduced me to the CBV designation back in 2010 and showed great guidance over the years and François Huvelin for being a mentor who grooms us to be sound professionals as well as being an exemplary leader. A particular mention to all my colleagues at Deloitte for the continuing support and opportunities they have provided me.


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