Academic Honesty

Students and MQE Candidates have an obligation to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. Academic honesty requires that persons do not cheat by attempting to gain an improper advantage in an academic evaluation.
Suspected breaches of academic honesty will be investigated by the Institute and/or its designate, in accordance with the Academic Honesty policy of CBV Institute, and/or the rules and regulations of the university acting as the Institute’s designate. The Institute’s current designate is York University.

CBV Institute’s Academic Honesty Policy

CBV Institute’s Examination Rules Policy

York University’s Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Accommodations

  • At the beginning of each term, Students with disabilities are responsible to apply for special needs accommodations with the Institute.
  • Appropriate medical documentation should be included with the request, along with the specific arrangements being requested.

Deadline to apply for Academic Accommodations

The request for academic accommodations should be made directly to the Director of Education and Accreditation at

For more information, please see
Responding to the Needs of Registered Students -MQE Candidates with Disabilities

Exam writing – Opt out

  • Students unable to write exams must opt out by the deadline.
  • Students who opt out of writing an exam by the deadline may re-enroll for the same course at a lower fee in the immediate subsequent term. This lower fee for an immediate subsequent term is only available to Students who paid the full fee for the course for which they are opting out of the exam.
  • Students who opt out are ineligible to write the exam in the current term.
  • Students who do not opt out will not be eligible for a lower fee when re-enrolling for the same course in future terms.
  • Course re-enrollment submissions are accepted when course registration is opened.
  • Students will receive two email communications from York University- School of Continuing Studies within two weeks before the opt-out deadline.  Please contact if you do not receive the emails. 

Examination Results

  • Examination results are released.
  • Students will be notified via email when Examination results are released. Examination results are posted on the student landing page.

Exam Performance Feedback

  • Available for Students who wish feedback on exam performance for the previous term, but do not wish to appeal their mark
  • Request for exam performance feedback must be made by the exam opt-out deadline in the following term (Program Calendar).
  • Feedback and response time is conducted at the availability of the course instructor assigned to provide feedback.
Feedback Structure
  • A review of the Student’s exam responses, to determine areas of strength and weakness
  • A memo containing observations with respect to the Student’s exam responses, including suggestions to potentially improve the Student’s performance on future exams
  • Feedback communication is final. Students will not receive additional materials or communication after the feedback communication is issued.
  • $300 (plus applicable taxes) per course, paid by credit card (online)
Request Form

Please send Request Form to

Examination Appeal Process

  • To appeal, go to Examination Appeals
  • Appeal requests are accepted only to review a failing grade.
  • The decisions of the Review and Appeal Process are final.
  • Appeal requests must be submitted by the deadline
  • Neither the examination “suggested solution” nor the examination marking key will be made available to Students prior to completion of all reviews and appeals for the related term.  
Review and Appeal Process
  1. Ensures all answer books submitted by the Student were received for marking;
  2. Ensures all question answers were marked and final tally is correct;
  3. Re-marks answers to the examination;
  4. The Student will receive:
    1. Their examination response paper, and
    2. A written question-by-question analysis of their responses, with some detail given as to where marks were lost;
  5. Reviews and appeals are handled by the Academic Advisor or an appropriate alternate designated by the Academic Advisor;
  6. Students are only advised whether Review and Appeal resulted in a passing or failing grade. Students will not be advised of such grade achieved.
  • $265 (plus applicable taxes) fee, paid by credit card (online)
  • The full fee will be refunded if a pass is awarded after the review

For questions on the Examination Appeals Process, please contact CBV Education at

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