Marketing Toolkit

Below are all the documents relating to the recent national media campaign to increase awareness of the CBV brand as well as resources to help you generate awareness on a local level.

Please contact Robert H. Boulton CPA, CA, CBV –  Executive Vice President & COO at regarding these materials.

CBV InstituteVideos

As part of the Institute’s ongoing marketing efforts on behalf of the profession, we have made the following videos available to you for download. We encourage you to use these videos for any presentations and personal marketing. Please note, the videos are the sole possession of CBV Institute and may not be reproduced, duplicated, distributed or sold without the express written approval from CBV Institute. (Please note: each video may take up to five minutes to download depending on your connection.) 

Become a CBV

Finding Certainty

Capital on the Sidelines: A video about getting your share

Succession and Valuation: Getting ahead by starting early

Litigation and Valuation: Emotion and objectivity

Media Relations Materials

Influencer Presentation Materials


  • Professional Brochure – Members may request copies of this brochure to distribute at presentations, etc.
  • A brochure for Prospective Students to the CBV Program is also available

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