Litigation Support

CBVs can assist in many phases of litigation, from pre-litigation phases through to trial. For example, CBVs provide assistance with establishing potential areas of loss, identifying relevant documents and questions for discovery, performing quantitative analysis, preparation of expert reports, review and critiquing other expert reports, and providing expert testimony.

CBVs provide financial expertise fundamental to the resolution of various types of disputes. For example, CBVs quantify damages or loss for disputes involving: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression and appraisal remedies, expropriation, matrimonial disputes, construction disputes, insurance claims, personal injury, intellectual property infringement, shareholder disputes and others.

CBVs bring financial knowledge and experience together with the need for rigour, independence and objectivity – qualities needed when providing expert evidence in disputes and litigation. CBVs receive training and education involving the methodologies used for the quantification of value, loss, and other financial matters. Our Program of Studies also includes training in various aspects of the law.