Practice Inspection Q&A

Join Bob Boulton (EVP & COO) and Christine Sawchuk (Director, Education and Accreditation) as they provide an overview of the CICBV’s Practice Inspection Program, address frequently-asked questions, and take questions from Members.   Any work product which is subject to the CICBV’s Practice Standards, and that is issued on or after January 1, 2018 will be subject to selection for inspection commencing in 2019.  Compliance with the Practice Inspection Program will be mandatory. 

The establishment of a Practice Inspection Program is consistent with the CICBV’s commitment to professional excellence for the benefit of the public interest. It is also is in line with the practices of other professions, and serves to:

  • Enhance the confidence that the public and regulatory or other bodies have in the CBV profession; and
  • Assist in maintaining or improving the quality of services provided.

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