CBVs in the Spotlight

The Institute is pleased to share news of some of our CBVs who have recently been in the public spotlight and brought distinction and attention to our valuation profession. We hope to celebrate and share the accomplishments and leadership of other CBV professionals on an ongoing basis, so please stay in touch with us!

  • Iseo Pasquali, FCBV, was elected to the International Valuation Standards Council’s (IVSC) Board of Trustees at the IVSC Annual General Meeting in Dubai in October 2018. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance, strategic direction and funding of the IVSC and for appointments to and oversight of the technical boards of the IVSC.
  • Anish Chopra, FCBV, managing director with Portfolio Management Corp and current director of the CBV Institute, has been a recent guest co-host on BNN Bloomberg’s “The Street” and has been interviewed by the Canadian Press. Anish has also been a guest on BNN advising on several matters including “Growth vs. Value Investing”, “Investing Strategies Amid all the Volatility in the Markets” and “Investing Strategies in a World of Rising Trade Tensions”.
  • Drew Dorweiler, FCBV, Co-Managing Director at IJW & Co., Ltd, co-authored a brief titled “Don’t Block the Blockchain: How Canada Can Guard Against Money Laundering While Maintaining Global Competitiveness” and co-presented this brief before the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance regarding the manner in which cryptoassets should be regulated. The brief is available on the Parliament’s website.
  • Doug McPhee, Partner and Global Head of Valuation Services, KPMG, London, and current CBV Institute Director, was featured in the 2018 IVSC Annual Report, discussing adoption of international valuation standards (IVS) around the world. The CBV Institute has been a member and sponsor of the IVSC since 2006.
  • Eleanor Joy, FCBV and former Chair of the CBV Institute Board of Directors, gave a presentation at the IVSC Annual General Meeting on the BV Quality Mark Consultation Process. Eleanor is the Chair of the Membership and Standards Recognition Board of the IVSC.
  • James McAuley, CBV, has authored a book titled “The Expert Accountant in Civil Litigation, 2nd Edition” which was published by LexisNexis Canada in October 2018. This book offers a comprehensive review of and guide to the role of expert and forensic accountants in civil litigation in Canada.
  • Thomas Lee, CBV, was appointed Vice Chair of the IVSC’s Financial Instruments Standards Board, a newly created Board tasked with developing common protocols and advancing global standards for the valuation of financial instruments.

We love hearing about all the great profile our Members are receiving – we encourage you to share your accomplishments with the Institute for inclusion in future Spotlights in 2019.  Please email the CBV Institute’s Director of Strategic Marketing, Kathy Richards, at kathy.richards@cbvinstitute.com.

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